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Why is CorgiCoin the superior dogecoin?

Corgi Coin is the first dogecoin for everyone. Built from head to paw for democratic access, it is 100x cheaper to send than comparison ERC-20 pups.

All tokens are locked in PancakeSwap and the keys burned. Corgi Coin is truly community owned.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 contract, CorgiCoin uses a fraction of the electricity of Ethereum tokens. Having fun with dogecoins does not need to harm the environment!

Corgi Coin

100% Community Owned, and we mean it

We locked 100% of the total supply on PancakeSwap and threw away the keys. There is no developer fund, no chunks owned by celebrities and no mining rewards for people with fancy computers. All tokens are up for grabs by pups everywhere!

Corgi Coin has 100x Lower Fees

Ethereum gas fees have soared to $200 for a simple token exchange, locking everyday pups out of ownership. Corgi Coin is designed from the ground up as a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, so it can be transferred and exchanged for just cents!

Corgi Coin has 10x fewer tokens

CorgiCoin has a fixed supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens. That's all the Corgis there are, and all there ever will be.

CorgiCoin Whitepaper

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Become a Corgi Coin owner

  1. Install MetaMask
    Metamask is your passport to the Binance Smart Chain. After installing, connect your MetaMask wallet to BSC.
  2. Buy BNB and send to MetaMask
    Purchase BNB on Binance or another exchange. Then withdraw the BNB to your MetaMask address.
  3. Swap BNB for CorgiCoin on PancakeSwap
    Specify the Corgi Coin contract address: 0x450dCf93160A30BE156A4600802c91BF64dFFD2E
    You may need to increase slippage in Settings. Make sure to leave a small amount of BNB for network fees!
  4. Enjoy your CorgiCoin!
    To view your new pups in MetaMask, click Add Token and enter the Corgi Coin contract address. Enjoy!
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CorgiCoin to the moon

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Our family of loyal pups grows every day. Join our social platforms for updates!

Donations: CorgiCoin is a 100% community owned token. You can help out the Corgi Coin cause by donating BNB to the official marketing wallet at 0x419D1Fc99acdf38C04d8Ded742D9cc8770936079. We will use these donations to fund promotions and influencers to help spread the word. Thanks to all our generous pups!